Your database automation platform - powered by AI

Get the benefits of DBaaS without surrendering control to hyperscalers and service providers. We enable you to roll your own DBaaS, giving you absolute freedom to deploy high-availability databases wherever you want.

Use the tools of top enterprises

Hundreds of companies manage their database operations with our products

Place your clusters anywhere you want

Deploy on-prem, in the cloud, or both


Deployable on-prem, in the public cloud, or both, CC enables you to implement full lifecycle automation for your open-source databases without expert knowledge.


CCX - For those who want the classic DBaaS experience, CCX enables you to deploy fully managed, open-source databases in AWS, GCP, and Microsoft Azure.

Freely deploy clusters where you want

Deploy on-prem, in the cloud, or a hybrid setup

Quickly access the open-source databases you need

Lauch TimescaleDB, Redis, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MySQL clusters in minutes

And avoid OSS license risks

Our platform allows you to roll your own DBaaS, meaning you can freely implement the unrestricted versions of the database software you want

Maintain cluster ownership

Unlike traditional DBaaS, you can fully access your cluster because it's yours
ClusterControl serves as THE control plane for full database lifecycle automation and can seamlessly integrate into your workflows

Extend your team's capabilities with AI

Our AI acts as a virtual DBA, meaning your team doesn't have to be database experts to manage your database operations

Learn how companies like yours are using Severalnines products

“The database supporting our care delivery systems is mission critical and uptime is of utmost importance. Managing our HA Postgres cluster with ClusterControl gives us full peace of mind.”
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“We’ve reduced MySQL cluster deployment times by 98% with ClusterControl, and improved DBA productivity while lowering costs by automating database management tasks”
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“ClusterControl’s robust and reliable solution has given us a lot of confidence in our architecture, the embedded monitoring alone reduces the need for a separate platform, and constantly provides a sense of security.”
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“We were very impressed because the whole deployment and management of the cluster was made so easy by the Severalnines tools. There were a number of useful hints in the documentation, which we took advantage of in the production environment. So far, it looks like a small miracle and we are now leveraging this solution in other parts of our infrastructure.”
Václav Adamec, Senior Systems Engineer at AVG
“ClusterControl has surpassed our expectations. It was a perfect fix to time-consuming issues, especially the scalability and availability of the blog section of our customers’ websites. We are confident with big retail events around the corner that our systems can withstand the growth of traffic fuelled by consumer decisions.”
Dominic Day, Head of Managed Hosting at BT Expedite
“The Severalnines team offered excellent, personalised support and gave us practical advice on how to enhance our systems. Thanks to Severalnines, we can spend more time working with our customers to deliver the next generation of content services as our back end is completely protected.”
Laurent Pythoud, IT Web Manager at EBU
“Thanks to Severalnines and its ClusterControl, we decreased the time to deploy MySQL Cluster from a week to about 2 hours. The automation of database management tasks allowed us to improve DBA productivity and lower our costs.”
Werner Van Driessche, System Administrator at Technicolor
“If you’re looking at running multiple replicated database servers across many different physical machines, with many databases of great size, then ClusterControl makes managing that real estate considerably easier and less resource intensive.”
David Hinchliffe, Head of IT at Blue Light Card
“We tested extensively the failure scenarios and ClusterControl behaved accordingly, giving us confidence in our infrastructure. This also allowed us to have better processes for maintenance operations. We have increased uptime and productivity. It’s now way easier to perform maintenance operations.”
Jérémie Bordier, IT Infrastructure Consultant of Instant Gaming