Why People Use ClusterControl

For nearly a decade companies and users have been depending on ClusterControl to power their open source database environments.

Advantage in Automation

ClusterControl is the all-inclusive open source database management system for users with mixed environments that removes the need to cobble together multiple management tools.

At the core of ClusterControl is it’s automation functionality that let’s you automate many of the database tasks you have to perform regularly like deploying new clusters, adding and scaling new nodes, running backups and upgrades, and more.

Learn why companies around the globe trust ClusterControl to drive high-availability for their mission critical environments.

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Saves Time and Money

ClusterControl automates nearly every aspect of your database operations which reduces labor costs and increases productivity.

Battle-Tested Using Proven Methodologies

Built by database experts using tried-and-true proven methods, ClusterControl delivers production-ready environments you can count on. From deployment and management to monitoring and scaling, ClusterControl is point-and-click and easy-to-use.

Enterprise-Grade Dependability

ClusterContrUsed by clients in mission-critical environments, ClusterControl enables high-availability with zero downtime across multiple data centers.

ClusterControl in Action

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What Can ClusterControl Do for You?

Information Technology Leader

With shrinking budgets, maintaining a robust database environment can be a challenge. Many companies are embracing open source technologies but still require enterprise level support and dependability.

ClusterControl operates with the knowledge and skills of a highly-skilled DBA at a far lower cost than adding additional DBA support to your team. Skills that may otherwise be lost in turnover or attrition.

The only management system you’ll ever need to take control of your open source database infrastructure.